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Our office uses diagnostic tools such as X-rays, models, visual examinations, intra-oral camera, full periodontal exam, and oral cancer screenings. Our goal is to educate our patients by providing them with the necessary information, enabling them to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.
Our cleaning procedures are customized to meet your periodontal needs. Whether you visit us for your six-month maintenance or for periodontal therapy, our hygienist strives to give you the best possible care while maintaining your total comfort.
Fillings and Sealants
Modern technology has made it possible for us to combine beauty and function. We have composite resin (tooth colored) materials to restore teeth. We also recommend sealants on our younger patients as a preventative measure for their permanent teeth.
Crowns are used to restore teeth that are broken or are in danger of doing so due to old fillings or cracks. We use a variety of materials to construct these.
Bridges are fixed, non-removable prosthesis constructed to replace one or more missing teeth. We use porcelain over metal, gold, and full porcelain bridges depending on your individual needs.
Root Canals
This procedure allows us to save teeth that years ago would be lost due to very large decay, which would eventually lead to infected or abscessed teeth. In most cases, we are now able to save these teeth using this procedure.
Dental Implants
Implants are an option to replace teeth instead of having a bridge or a removable prosthesis. They are non-removable and function as close to natural teeth as possible.
Cosmetic Bonding (Veneers)
Bonding is used to repair fractures as well as cover teeth to enhance their appearance.
Dentures are removable solutions for the replacement of multiple or completely missing teeth.
Bleaching (Teeth Whitening Specials Available)
Bleaching is one of the easiest procedures to perform. We provide patients with home bleaching customized for each person’s needs.
Nitrous Oxide Gas (Laughing Gas)
This is a conscious sedation that may be used to help you feel calm and relaxed throughout your dental procedure.
General Anesthesia (Children Only)
Where sedation and nitrous oxide gas prove unsuccessful, treatment will be performed at an outpatient facility.

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